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What you need to know for laying paving slabs such as paving stones.

There are different types and types of paving stones, and they differ slightly in laying and how to use it. It should also be noted that paving stones are distinguished by the load they can withstand and, in accordance with this, the type and thickness of the future coating is selected. The primary task of laying paving should be the design and definition of soil features. In general, the algorithm for carrying out work on laying the coating is approximately the same. To obtain a good, even and durable coating, you must strictly follow the technology and the sequence of work performed.

Basic rules for laying paving stones.

It was previously mentioned that laying paving stones will require a certain order, an algorithm for the work performed. It includes:

  • Site preparation and marking.
  • Foundation device.
  • Installation of curbs.
  • Top layer laying.
  • Paving material laying.

The peculiarity of the work being done is that each step will require careful and precise execution. for example, the base must be of adequate thickness, the top base must also meet all the requirements for laying the material planned by the project. For earthworks, specialized equipment should be used to obtain the best result. The recess, the so-called “trough”, made under the pie for laying road material can be from 20 to 50 centimeters, and in some cases even deeper. It all depends on the purpose of the sidewalk or road and the impact on it of the corresponding loads. It should also be noted that a lot depends on the soil itself, on what loads certain soils are designed. with wet and unstable soil, special drainage elements are used.

A stable surface depends on the compaction of the soil.

When arranging the base, ballast, it is necessary to properly and carefully compact the soil. correctly alternate layers of sand, gravel. At the same time, you will get a smooth and durable surface as a result of the work performed. Such a surface will withstand sufficient loads and at the same time retain its aesthetic appearance for a long time.

We hope this material will help you when carrying out work on laying paving slabs.

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