Фотография тротуарной плитки Литос

The choice of material for the arrangement of sidewalk paths.

Sidewalk paths on your site – this is one of the first things that catches your eye. The beautiful design of the paths makes any yard cozy and unique. Dirt paths are not very convenient, as after any rain your yard and movement along it becomes not very convenient and pleasant. The winter period will also not bring relief, especially if you live in the house all year round. The way out in this situation will be the arrangement and design of footpaths with various paving elements. As a rule, all manufacturers provide a fairly large selection of materials for paving, various shapes, configurations, sizes, thicknesses. Therefore, we face a difficult choice.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a tile and planning its device.

When choosing tiles for garden paths, you need to pay attention to the following options:

  • Design of the entire site, general. paths from paving elements should fit into the overall design of the yard. You need to link to existing buildings and its appearance.
  • Appointment of sidewalk droshky. When choosing a material, it is necessary to take into account whether it will be only a pedestrian zone or whether there will be car traffic there.
  • In this case, you need to take into account the thickness and type of tiles, the basis for laying such tiles. Consider the type of soil and what material is more suitable for it.
  • Terrain relief. Given the steep slopes, slopes of the territory. Features of the climate of the area.
  • Both the warm season and the winter period are taken into account.

Paving materials are hard.

Such materials include brick, natural stone, wood, paving slabs of various types. These are the most common materials for paving sidewalk paths. The main indicator when choosing is the durability of the material. Susceptibility to decay due to the fact that the material will constantly be in various weather conditions, as well as temperature changes, high humidity, and so on. Ability to withstand planned loads.

Natural stone looks best in its pure form or processed. It fits almost any design. One of its main advantages is durability. Does not rot, does not undergo deformation during temperature changes and or moderate load. Looks expensive and attractive. The only drawback is the cold season and the icing of such material, it becomes slippery.

But paving slabs can easily replace natural stone. having similar characteristics with natural stone, paving slabs have a number of advantages.

* High strength finished product

* High frost resistance

* A variety of colors and the ability to manufacture almost any shade

* A wide range of types, sizes, configurations

* Surface with an anti-slip surface, made with the help of a pattern or with technological features of manufacturing

* Ease of application and styling

Thus, summing up, it should be noted that the requirements for any material for paving sidewalk paths are as follows:

– Durability

– High strength

— Wear resistance

— Environmental friendliness and safety

– Attractive and aesthetic appearance

We hope that this material will be useful for the subsequent choice of material for arranging your local area.

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