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Methods of production and technology for the manufacture of paving slabs.

A lot of Sidewalk paths, pedestrian zones, various sites are lined with paving slabs. Such material is quite durable, economical, easy to install and is in great demand. paving slabs are used both for paving public spaces and industrial purposes, and are popular with a private developer. The tile has much greater advantages in comparison with concrete, asphalt and other road surfaces. If any part of the tile is damaged, it can be easily and quickly repaired in a short period of time with minimal other costs.

Today, the consumer has the opportunity to purchase tiles of different configurations, the choice of colors and different manufacturing methods. The main two ways to manufacture paving slabs:

* Vibrocompression

* vibrocasting

The quality of such tiles differs from each other. The difference is both in appearance and in technical characteristics. Both manufacturing methods have their pros and cons, which we will discuss below.

Vibrocompression manufacturing method.

This method is based on the compaction (pressing) of a specially prepared mixture using a press. A pallet is placed on the vibrating table of the press, a matrix presses on it, into which the prepared mixture is preliminarily fed. Further, under the action of the punch, the mixture is compressed, as a result of which the finished product is obtained. Next comes the drying and packing of the tiles. This method produces products of various types, configurations, sizes and colors.

Manufacturing method Vibrocasting.

in the manufacture, a vibrating table is used – this is a special device used for the manufacture of tiles. At the beginning, a concrete mixture is prepared for the production of tiles. Further, such a mixture is poured into molds, which will be the future paving slabs. After pouring, the molds are kept on a vibrating table for some time to remove air bubbles and shrink the mixture in the mold. Further, after pouring and shrinking, the molds are placed on special drying racks for about two days. Next, the finished product is removed from the molds, followed by complete drying. After that, the tile is packed and sent to the construction site.

Flour selection of paving slabs.

When choosing a tile, you need to understand why you need a tile, that is, its scope. Next, the method of manufacturing tiles is selected and, accordingly, the parameters of the tile: thickness, dimensions, color schemes. for example, vibrocompressed tiles are highly durable and are used in a variety of applications, both industrial and in the private sector.

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