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How to care for paving slabs in winter?

The cold season is a testing period for any road or sidewalk surface. Both the appearance itself, color retention, and the verification of the strength characteristics of products are subjected to tests. But in many respects, the preservation of the appearance and normal strength indicators depends on the normal care of the paving surface.

Preparing for the winter.

You need to prepare for winter in the fall. Cleaning of debris, old leaves will begin the proper care of the tiles. Next, you need to pay attention to the weeds and other vegetation sprouted in the warm season and, if possible, remove them without the possibility of further development. Without complete removal of plants, they will continue to develop, strengthening the root system, which will lead to further destruction of the surface of the coating. Everyone has seen how the tile floor rises after the development of the root system, for example, trees growing next to sidewalks. Any dirt for the winter should be removed from the surface of the pavement, because in the spring it will be much more difficult to remove it. Treatment of tiles with various special impregnations that increase resistance to dirt. there is a whole industry in construction for this purpose – it is construction chemistry.

Remove frost from tiles.

Sprinkling salt is a good way to remove ice and prevent a lot of accidents. But for paving slabs, this is unacceptable! Salt can cause rapid destruction of the surface of the tile, discoloration of its original colors. On top of that, salt can get into the soil and interfere with the development of your garden plants. How to avoid icing of the tile surface in winter? Sprinkling sidewalk paths with magnesium chloride. it is mainly commercially available in liquid form, and applying it to the surface will not have negative effects. Another way is ordinary sand, which also helps to prevent the formation of ice and creates an anti-slip effect.

How to organize snow removal from tiles?

Despite all the preparations described above, the tiles will still need to be periodically cleaned of snow and ice. First of all, a mechanical method of cleaning with snow shovels, but they must not be made of metal. Plastic tools will work, and shovels with aluminum tips will work as well. A stiff broom or broom is suitable for removing freshly fallen snow. in the modern world there are mechanical snow blowers, the design of which provides for the safe removal of snow and ice.

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