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History of paving slabs

Paving slabs are a material that is intended to cover sidewalks, roads and other surfaces, both for pedestrian areas and for vehicle passages. The mass use of paving slabs is due to its functionality, reliability, maintainability and many useful and necessary parameters. But this mass was not always.

Currently, paving slabs have different bases and are divided into the following types:

  • Sand-cement
  • Granite Clinker
  • Rubber
  • Polymer sand

Modern species were put into production not very long ago. The concrete version has a longer history of appearance.

The advent of concrete.

Tiles for paving many roads are made of ordinary concrete. To understand the history of modern sidewalk areas, it is necessary to find out how long ago such a composition appeared and is used. One of the oldest discovered uses of concrete was found in Yugoslavia. The floor of the dwelling hut was made of a mixture of gravel and lime. It is generally accepted that the settlements on the banks of the Danube in 5500 BC turned out to be the first application of such technology. Older cases are not known, although they could certainly be.

The paving stone is the beginning. the use of cobble stone is precisely what led to the emergence of modern paving slabs through modernization. The builders of ancient Egypt and Babylon were among the first to use rounded stones for paving various roads. Later, areas with such a coating began to be called cobblestone pavements.

Paving slabs are modern. The end of the 19th century, people are faced with a great shortage of natural stone. To cover the deficit, they began to come up with alternative coatings associated with artificial concrete products. In Holland, craftsmen have mastered the manufacture of artificial stone/tiles from concrete and its derivatives. The very first roads and sidewalks made of artificially made stone exceeded all expectations and turned out to be practical and convenient. It was concluded that artificial stone has a wide range of advantages.

In the modern world, asphalt concrete is more often used, which is no less durable and just as practical. like paving slabs. But asphalt has an advantage – this is the cost and speed of work, mass character. In recent decades, the production of paving slabs has undergone a number of changes. It became possible to manufacture a large number of shaped products, various shapes, sizes, thicknesses of tiles. technology has made it possible to make colored tiles, colored tiles. The quality of durability, reliability of tiles has increased due to the improvement of production technology.

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