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Фотография тротуарной плитки Литос

The choice of material for the arrangement of sidewalk paths.

Sidewalk paths on your site – this is one of the first things that catches your eye. The beautiful design of the paths makes any yard cozy and unique. Dirt paths are not very convenient, as after any rain your yard and movement along it becomes not very convenient and pleasant. The winter period will also not bring relief, especially if you live in the house all year round.

Фотография старый город разноцветная Литос

Overview of materials for sidewalk, garden house paths.

Sidewalk paths on your site are designed to create comfortable and convenient conditions for movement. And one of the main things is to give an aesthetic appearance to your site. Entering the overall design ensemble. To create comfortable conditions for movement on your site, you will not need a lot of effort and money. It takes a little imagination and effort.

Фотография брусчатка Литос

Methods of production and technology for the manufacture of paving slabs.

A lot of Sidewalk paths, pedestrian zones, various sites are lined with paving slabs. Such material is quite durable, economical, easy to install and is in great demand. paving slabs are used both for paving public spaces and industrial purposes, and are popular with a private developer. The tile has much greater advantages in comparison with concrete, asphalt and other road surfaces. If any part of the tile is damaged, it can be easily and quickly repaired in a short period of time with minimal other costs.

Фотография брусчатка литос

How to care for paving slabs in winter?

The cold season is a testing period for any road or sidewalk surface. Both the appearance itself, color retention, and the verification of the strength characteristics of products are subjected to tests. But in many respects, the preservation of the appearance and normal strength indicators depends on the normal care of the paving surface.

Фотография старый город

History of paving slabs

Paving slabs are a material that is intended to cover sidewalks, roads and other surfaces, both for pedestrian areas and for vehicle passages. The mass use of paving slabs is due to its functionality, reliability, maintainability and many useful and necessary parameters. But this mass was not always.

Фото старый город цветной

Transportation and storage of paving materials.

Sidewalk coverings, which are especially in demand for paving pedestrian areas, parks, squares, adjacent territories, must be delivered to the future construction site before laying them. At the same time, it is necessary to preserve the appearance of the material and its integrity during transportation.